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The focus of this book is how to take control of your thoughts and actions, by reprogramming your mind, which may be the trigger to heal a nation that is rapidly spiraling down the path of moral corruption.

"SOGONUTU" - A Book of Life's Maxims is a great book of positive quotes and affirmations that can be used to program your mind with Positive words and thoughts, that can be retrieved subconsciously when you are faced with challenges or threatened with fear. This will enable you to make positive decisions spontaneously when needed.


The resource materials provided below are from sources used in Sekou Obadias writings and seminars. They are intended to be information and educational support for the continued learning by members of GOLD International, readers of his materials and seminar participants.

To read the report on The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study
a. The American Journal of Preventive Medicines (AJPM)

b. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study)

Identifying, treating, and referring traumatized children: the role of pediatric providers.

To learn more about the difference between the brain and the mind

To learn more about the difference between the brain and the mind

Molecular Biology – How genes direct the production of proteins

Daily Exercise Routine video - Tony Robins

Super-learning and Brain Activity

Belief, Change and Energy Psychology Modalities

Source of Fears and how to

Goal Setting
Jim Rohn’s:-"7-Strategies for Wealth and Happiness".

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